Beta Reading

Looking for a reliable beta reader who can offer you meaningful insights into your novel? We're here to help. We're avid readers and lovers of literature who can give you the review you need in order to answer the vital questions you may have about your book, such as: Will my audience enjoy my work? Who is my novel's audience? How do I more strongly connect with my audience? Are my characters likable? Does my voice sound authentic? Or any other questions/concerns you may have.

  • Reader Impressions:
  • Your Place in the Marketplace:
  • A Publishable Review

Developmental Edit

So you've written a novel or novella. You're stuck between drafts and unsure of how to proceed. Maybe something feels off or your enthusiasm has faded. Our job? Helping you reinvigorate your writing, getting past those stumbling blocks, and making your work in progress the best it can possibly be. 

  • Holistic Analysis: The holistic analysis is an assessment of your WIP as a whole. In this part of the developmental edit, you will receive a 500-word big picture analysis of your writing. 
  • Detailed Analysis: The detailed analysis is a thorough exploration of your plot, characters, settings, pacing, voice, and tone. This part of the analysis is significantly longer than the holistic analysis, as it uses specific examples from your work to reveal your strengths and areas for growth. 
  • Plan for Next Draft: Depending on the goals for your work (whether pursuing traditional publishing, self-publishing, or giving your work to a loved one), the plan will include several parts: 1) A template for the next steps you could take with your work. 2) A suggested timeline for each of those steps. 3) A breakdown of how to accomplish each of those steps. 4) A statement of encouragement to help you stay on track to reach your goals. 

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