How soon can I expect to hear back?

The contest closes on April 30, 2019, and the winner will be announced in June 2019. You can expect to hear back in May or June. If you would like to submit earlier, please feel free to do so.

My piece is naughty. Can I send it?

Cursing is okay but shouldn’t be overdone. Violence/sex must serve a purpose, even if that purpose is artistic. We’re not nuns here, but don’t be edgy just to be edgy.

Can I submit more than one novella?

Go for it! But please note that a separate entry fee is required for each submission. There is no preference given based on number of submissions.


Will I get feedback on my submission?

Yes, we offer professional feedback on your novella because we’re in the business of helping writers.

A submission fee! But why?

We hate submission fees, too. In order to publish the winning novella (yes, in hard copy— and yes, in stores) and provide professional-grade feedback on each entry, we need to ask for a submission fee (sadly). Hopefully, that will not be the case forever.

My word count falls outside the listed range (15,000-50,000). Can I still submit?

Yes! If you are sitting under 15,000 words and your work cannot be pared down to a short story (less than 10,000 words) or if you are hovering slightly over 50,000 words, we will accept it. The guidelines provided are just that: Guidelines. Our goal is to be inclusive to work with word counts that fall outside of the normal realm of typical short stories or novels.